Magic Jigsaw Puzzles


Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

A colorful world of jigsaw puzzles now fits in your own pocket! Try to avoid stress and relax after a long day — within a grand collection of more than 20,000 HD pictures transformed into puzzles (it’s up to you to piece them back together) it’s more than possible.


Once tried, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles will shortly become a favorite pastime for you and your family. Why?

Why not create a unique personalized puzzle using your own photo or image? Or choose a melody you enjoy most taken right from the in-game musiс collection to go along with your stress-relieving and leisured play?!

Not to mention your personal Magic Puzzles Profile where you’ll find all the puzzle packs you have downloaded, as well as restored packs you may have accidentally deleted. That’s one essential feature in the digital world!

Finally, you can share your best puzzles with friends or with the friendly Magic Jigsaw Puzzles community on Facebook!

Wait! There’s more:

– Work on more than one puzzle at a time;
– Several difficulty levels: start as a beginner and become a master;
– Preview the finished puzzle to help you solve it;
– Rotation mode for greater challenge! Move pieces in groups;
– Take part in weekly tournaments and games! Compete with your friends;
– Unique collection of puzzles with animals, paintings, nature landscapes, and portraits;
– Ravishing jukebox: choose the right music to suit your mood (and it will only get better)!

SStart doing Magic Jigsaw Puzzles to get a well-rounded image of the game and piece together the most important picture ever!

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