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Dig the mine as deep as possible and collect as many gems as you can. You have a limited amount of moves ‘til your digger is broken. Can you beat your friend’s high score? Let’s see! Dig for the glory!


Beware of the underground monsters ready to get on your mining path, while stepping into the dungeon. Don’t forget you have a limited amount of lives too, and the drill is broken… What would you do? Will you be able to beat your best friend’s score?
Make smart use of your pickaxe! Look out for the falling boulders! Well, mineral collecting has never been easy, but any treasure is worth it, isn’t it?

In the Dig Out world you’d better be fully armed, as you’ll deal with:

— Randomly generated endless maps;
— Monster traps you’ve never seen before;
— Tricky obstacles everywhere (whether it’s a boulder dash or a maze block or even tap blocks);
— Lost or hidden treasure chests and gems;
— Exclusive treasure digger tools to dash even deeper;
— The variety of your personal pixel miner characters;
— Last but not least: Google Play achievements and leaderboards!

Dig the mine in your way and language! Mine the ore for free and collect as many gems as you can. In a lawless world of retro arcade games you are always welcome!
Finding treasure is fascinating, when you dig out. So, dig for glory!

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