12:00 PM

XIMAD finds the missing piece to increase engagement among its users

Mention jigsaw puzzles and an immediate mental image comes to mind: a kitchen table with hundreds of pieces scattered or neatly organized into appropriate groups, a big cardboard box displaying the hoped-for finished image, and a lone puzzle warrior steadfastly trudging on.

But like everything else offline, the jigsaw puzzle has gone digital. Many contenders have introduced apps into the market, and have successfully packed the kitchen table and everything on it into a smart phone.

Digital game developer XIMAD has one of the most popular puzzle apps out there. Called Magic Jigsaw Puzzles (MJP), the app currently has close to 9 million unique users and about 500k daily active users, and the base is continually growing. It includes more than 1,000 virtual jigsaws, and players can create and manage accounts, save puzzle bundles, scores, and stats as well as restore previously deleted puzzle packs. Users can also create a puzzle from any image or photo they have.Magic Jigsaw Puzzles (MJP)