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Parkinson’s Awareness Month with Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Creating popular digital games, we at ZiMAD always try to follow our human oriented principles.

As part of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we are once again teaming up with Team Fox, the community fundraising program of The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) for a charity campaign.  This campaign allows all of us to  make our own contribution to the better future for millions of people living with Parkinson’s disease.

03:08 PM

Dig your way to the treasure on Android with Dig Out!

Though it seems strange, excavation games make up quite a populated genre. Perhaps the most represeDig Out!ntative title of them all is Spelunky, the gem from Derek Yu that’s brought new life to excavation gaming. Dig Out! is yet another Android adventure where you excavate and find treasures. The game is tons of fun and will make you rethink what you’ve imagined about this kind of game.

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Case Study: this app localization boosted downloads by 300%

App localization

App localization can be a huge opportunity to grow your user base, if you do it right. In this post, we talk with Valeria Shytikova from ZiMAD and find out what she does to market their portfolio of games.

Learn how App Store Optimization has helped them increase their downloads and the most effective marketing strategy for them, outside of ASO.

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Zimad grows rewarded video revenue by double digits

“Vungle’s guidance on ad placements in our app instantly increased iOS revenue from $200 per day to over $6,000. No other partner took that much care to ensure we were successful.”
Svetlana Osipova, iOS Ad Ops Manager, Zimad

Zimad is an international developer and publisher of games for all major mobile platforms, social networks, and desktops.

The company was founded with the goal of bringing to life revolutionary concepts and redefining conventional mobile gaming and reading. The company’s portfolio features a mix of casual games and more complex games, including Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, that are played by millions of users worldwide.

Zimad turned to Vungle to help improve monetization for the company’s expansive array of games. By partnering with Vungle, the leading in-app video advertising and monetization platform, Zimad was able to significantly boost revenue for iOS, Android and Windows.

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Gaming app company ZiMAD launches puzzles for a purpose

Who knew you could help solve the puzzle of poverty while playing a puzzle game on your smartphone?

ZiMAD, the creators of the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles game app, had an inkling in late 2015 that it could happen. Leaders at ZiMAD saw in a survey that many of their 25 million users had expressed interest in supporting organizations helping children around the world—so they decided to launch a charity campaign of their own.